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Rockin River Ranch - Historic Ranch, 15 Acres with Beautiful River Frontage
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$1,200 per night
Sleep Capacity : 48
12 bedroom 11 bath
  • (830) 232-5721
    (830) 407-9300
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  • Historic Lodge
    15 Acre Ranch
    River Front
Sleeps 48
Bedrooms 12
Bathrooms 11
Property type House
Minimum Stay 3 nights

About the property

Rockin River Ranch is where the Wild West meets Concan

This historic ranch includes 15 beautiful riverfront acres where both Cowboys & Indians once roamed. There are 2 Indian mounds and you can look for arrowheads along the creek banks, which provides the ranch with a year round flow of fresh water.
Just 12 minutes from Concan, 5 houses overlook the seasonal flowing Dry Frio River and a spring fed creek with dam. This private, gated compound centers around a historic, rustic lodge, bunkhouse, an additional home and 2 cute cabins that are just steps from the river and creek.
As you enter through the ranch gates, you're immediately taken by the sight of where the skyline meeting the mountain range and below down to the fields. After a short, lazy, meandering drive winds you wind up at the historic lodge.

At the center of the compound is a private, fenced pool near a huge, covered pavilion that has a functional kitchen & bathroom thats perfect for large scale, al fresco dining.

Outdoor fun includes volleyball, horseshoes, washers, fire pit, darts and tetherball. For those seeking a relaxing vacation, watch as herds of deer bed down for the night feeding in the fields, while fox squirrels, raccoons, turkeys and doves abound.

The entire compound is built with numerous river rock walkways, long rock walls, driveway paths and riverside bulkheads all made using rock from the nearby river. They also built rock structures such as outdoor barbecue pits, foundations and roadways.

Rockin River Ranch is large enough to let the kids roam for days and never get bored. There are lots of natural springs that feed directly into the creek and eventually the Dry Frio River.

Deer Camp
The main lodge has 2 exceptionally large, covered porches with the front looking out towards the pool and peaceful meadows, while the back porch overlooks the terraced walkways leading down to the river and the lawns surrounding the compound.

The Texian
The Texian is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with cowboy chic furnishings and charming decor. The floors are wood, the master has a king size bed and private large bath. The French doors lead out to a large deck overlooking the river. Everything is very cowboy chic.

The Bunkhouse
There are actually 2 bunkhouses side by side in the same building, both with concrete floors, sturdy bunkbeds and each has a camp style bathroom with 2 showers, 2 toilets and 2 sink basins.

The Cabins
There are 2 adorable cabins that each have a small living rooms, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. The decor is simple, charming and rustic camp style. Everyone will feel comfortable and relaxed with fishing decor and each cabin has a private deck overlooking the creek.

Although the river runs strong in the winter, it runs low during the summer. Fortunately the pool will cool everyone off or float the Frio River. Sit on any of the 4 decks all overlooking the river and creek, walk down to the dam or sit and listen to the sounds of nature.

Rockin River Ranch is not only a great summertime vacation spot, but perfect for family reunions, corporate retreats or a special wedding venue. This is a place everyone wants but few get. This is an exceptional destination for those seeking extraordinary.



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